The University of Winnipeg Accounting Students’ Association (ASA) is a new association this upcoming 2016 academic year. The lack of student initiative around Campus for accounting students is what prompted the finding of the Accounting Students’ Association. Before finding the association, students pursuing a concentration in accounting only had access to the resources of the Faculty. The years of resources that Faculty continues to provide us, ASA has started something spectacular while bringing new opportunities.

ASA understands university students are a distinct group, one that can dedicate four additional years towards enriching themselves academically in the classroom. ASA also understands accounting students are a unique blend of talented individuals. Individuals who show exceptional characteristics of organization, time-management, adaptability, communication, openness, and leadership while showing love for numbers.

Being student ran bridges the gap between student and Faculty. Working closely with Faculty ASA can provide opportunities that Faculty is limited to exploring. While the Association builds their reputation in the community, and student participation in the hosted events grow, more opportunities will be made available to the student body. ASA will go to all efforts to carry out our their mission and vision.


Building a community amongst students where they can gain insight into the accounting field and provide them with the necessary resources to succeed in their personal, academic and professional goals. UWASA is committed to supporting students by providing them with our services: to Educate, Engage and Connect.

We strive to educate students about the accounting profession and assist them with their career and professional growth.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in our events to enhance their interpersonal skills whether it may be in the corporate world or the community.

We will bridge the gap to connect students with industry professionals to build their network.


Engaging students in the Accounting Concentration at the University of Winnipeg, allowing for a greater university experience that is both academically enriching as well as fun.