UWASA was excited to have Aurel Tess, the Provincial Comptroller, as the second speaker of our Seminar Series, to provide insight about Accounting for the Program Manager.

In his first session on November 14th, Aurel went into great detail of understanding the role of the program manager, and what comptrollership is all about. Management of resources, operational and financial responsibility were the areas Aurel covered. With the aid of a Case Study, Aurel then broke down the Operator and Steward roles, and the Strategist and Catalyst roles. The takeaway being that in today’s world, accounting is not just simple bookkeeping. It is the ability to take a situation, and turn numbers into meaning. To be able to help and provide strategic financial advice.

Information Technology and Innovation in Accounting was the topic of his second lecture on November 23rd. Having an impact on both Accounting and Computer Science areas, Aurel’s focus was on the modern accountant. Looking at the evolution of technology, and back to his first lecture, it was easy to see how the automation of simple processes frees up time for the modern accountant to operate at a more complex level. Data analytics, Excel, and simple accounting software like QuickBooks were some examples. As his last point, Aurel stressed that while technology is essential to improving, “Stop automating s*** processes”. Automation is not a cure, you must first streamline the business processes.

With incredible detail  from his years of experience in Executive Management, with titles that include Assistant Deputy Minister, Executive Financial Officer, and now Provincial Comptroller, Aurel brought a wealth of knowledge in high level, strategical management.