UWASA was proud to host Jeffrey Gilbert from OAG, as the first speaker of our Seminar Series, who brought an exciting outside-the-classroom perspective from his work in Forensic Accounting.

In his first session, Jeffrey animatedly expressed what it means to investigate fraud. How can we really tell if an error was a true accident, or if it was caused with malicious intent? What different forms can these errors appear in? As simple as stealing goods from a grocer, to the manipulation of financial records, Jeffery highlighted how a critical thinking approach can be taken to finding the cause. In addition, internal control methods to prevent the likelihood of fraud were discussed.

Ethical dilemmas was the heated topic of his second lecture. Jeffrey presented several small case examples in an open floor discussion, where all sides of fraudulent behavior were analyzed. Eager to answer our questions, Jeffrey explained multiple viewpoints, with the ultimate result being there is no clear right or wrong answer. Real world examples showed that accounting in today’s world is not just crunching numbers, it is looking at facts and turning them into practical advice.

A phenomenal conversationalist, Jeffrey left the students eager to learn more, and recognized Forensic Accounting as an interesting area for students to consider a career.

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