UWASA was very excited to have Nicole Barry as the third speaker of our Seminar Series on November 29th. As the President and Founder of PEG Beer Co., Nicole has an astonishing range of experiences as well as her CPA and CGA.

Nicole spiritedly spoke to us about entrepreneurship in accounting, and how to set yourself up for success. Walking us through her path to the creation of PEG Beer Co., Nicole expressed how a range of experience in many sectors; private, public, small businesses and large firms, gave her an understanding of how she wanted to create her own company. To learn the financial ropes in industry, and apply the knowledge of managing people, and corporate social responsibility to her goals. Asking about the future plans of the students who attended, she was able to give direct advice and eagerly answered all their individual questions.

Questions led into the corporate social responsibility that Nicole implements in her own business, and the servant leadership style she uses. The culture she cultivates is one that every person has a voice, a secure environment, and that staff can rely on the management to have their back by actually proving that in day to day operation. The product they serve is as ethically and locally sourced as possible, so every employee believes in what they provide, and work more effectively together. The decision to use these methods came from her experiences in the workforce, and seeing what worked.

The practical advice and experiences Nicole shared were immense in value, leaving an entrepreneurial spirit to think outside the box with accounting for the students.