The University of Winnipeg Accounting Students’ Association is committed to bringing more opportunities to the students. Throughout the year students are encouraged to refer to our resource page, where they can gain access to opportunities. These opportunities have become available though the University of Winnipeg, Faculty of Business and Economics and that of the Association.

ASA one click resource page directs students to information that matters the most in efforts to expand our alumni.

General Resources1

Students going through the accounting concentration are encouraged to refer to CPA Manitoba furthermore assistance from academic advising.

CPA Fall Recruitment Resources2

The 2016 – 2017 CPA Campus Recruitment Job Postings – will become available to students via the Faculty of Business and Economics website on September 8, 2017.

CPA Fall Recruitment students will need to refer to the CACEE FORM. Most or even all of the firms require this general setup for your resume.

VMock an online website offering students and job candidates the ability to get their resume rated while receiving feedback.

Did you know the University of Winnipeg has a Writer in Residence? It’s a free service offered by the university, so why not reach out and receive feedback from professionals?

Job Postings3

Career Service

Career Services offers a wide range of supports to students and recent graduates of The University of Winnipeg. Job listings made to the University of Winnipeg can also be accessed through the career services page.


Career Services

Career Services offers a great line up of upcoming events around the University of Winnipeg Campus, hence students are encouraged to attend these events.


Interested students wanting to enhance their skills can attend the Networking Night – Wednesday, September 20, 2017. As a result this event is perfect if you are a student participating in the CPA Fall Wine & Cheese.

The third party links that have been provided on this page are all direct links to what we believe is to be the source, what we believe to be the updated content. Hence ASA is not responsible for the suggestions that these links provide.

  1. The Accounting Students’ Association has provided you with the third party links that the Faculty of Business and Economics have provided.
  2. The Accounting Students’ Association has provided you with the third party links that the Faculty of Business and Economics have provided.
  3. Throughout the upcoming year various job postings related to the accounting field will be posted here. ASA is prohibited from handling resumes and that the proper steps listed in the third party links are to be followed.
  4. Furthermore the opportunities events that the University of Winnipeg has available for students are free to attend.